Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At Last an Update

My research and writing all paid off in the end, my master's thesis entitled "Ceaseless Becoming: Narratives of Adolescence Across Media" was completed and successfully submitted to my committee. So ends my too-short journey at MIT's Comparative Media Studies program.

Speaking of which, you can download and read the thesis in its entirety from the CMS website. Or browse other amazing theses from the department here:


Myself and my school mates were thrilled when Cory Doctorow blogged favorably on BoingBoing about the program and our humble theses here:


As always, I would love to hear your comments about the work. I recently realized that blogger's moderation was filtering a lot of your comments. Oops. That's fixed, so comment away!

Now that I've dug myself out of schoolwork and the ensuing months of paralysis, I do hope to consider posting to this blog every now and then, although perhaps in a lighter and less analytic fashion.

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